Our management

Years of expertise in the management of DMTpe

DMT Produktentwicklung GmbH is an owner-managed company and is run by the three shareholders Jürgen Haeberle, Martin Hagg and Steffen Bauer and is consistently developed strategically together with Ralf Kühner.

Jürgen Haeberle

Jürgen Haeberle founded DMTpe in 1994 with two colleagues from Hewlett Packard, built it up and managed it together for 20 years. After Martin Hagg and Steffen Bauer joined the company as managing partners in 2014, replacing his previous partners, he worked with them to design the future of DMTpe and helped to ensure that this concept is now being implemented continuously and successfully. As managing director of marketing and sales, he fully realizes the potential of the medical technology market to achieve the goals set.

Martin Hagg

Martin Hagg already had decades of experience in Medical Technology when he joined the company in 2014 . Together with his technical and strategic expertise, this provides the ideal basis for successfully shaping the future of the company today as Managing Director Development and Human Resources . He is very familiar with the needs and expectations of our customers, having already successfully applied DMTpe's expertise in his previous role as Head of Development at an innovation leader over many years.

Steffen Bauer

Steffen Bauer joined DMTpe in 1999 and soon took over responsibility for the company's core area: engineering, including project management. In 2007, he joined the previous owners in the management team to drive forward the strategy and focus on the future markets of Medical Technology and Life Science/Analytic Measurement Technology. Together with Martin Hagg, he joined the company as Managing Partner in 2014 . Today, he is responsible for finance and infrastructure.

Ralf Kühner

Ralf Kühner has been associated with DMTpe since 1997 - initially on the customer side, before taking over responsibility for development and prototyping as team leader at DMTpe in 2015. His in-depth understanding of customer and market requirements in medical device development was the ideal basis for taking over responsibility for sales and marketing at DMTpe in 2016. He has been a member of the Executive Board since 2022 and, together with the Managing Partners, is successfully helping to shape DMTpe's strategy and future.