Our partner network


Years of trust

In our company history, we have developed a number of successful partnerships that we are particularly proud of. These relationships are characterized by many years of cooperation, joint challenges and unique innovations. We respect the confidentiality of our customers and partners and only present to you the areas in which we have established a first-class network. We are able to actively think ahead in complex tasks and always keep an eye on their added value. Thanks to our broad network of experts and partners, we are able to successfully develop complex projects and find the optimal solution for our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our companions who have actively supported us since 1994 and with whom we have been able to achieve great success.



Compliance Engineering

With increasing regulatory requirements and approval issues, we know that excellent compliance engineering know-how is necessary for Product Engineering. To ensure standard-compliant development adhering to the highest quality standards, we depend on experienced partners in compliance engineering. our partners specialize in the approval and quality testing of your products. So you can be sure that nothing stands in the way of your success.

Industrial Design

We specialize in the execution of intricate systems, concentrating on our fundamental strengths in both mechanical and electronic engineering. Adopting a comprehensive approach, we engage with industrial design partners right from the outset to ensure efficient, user-centric, and success-driven development for your project. Close communication links between design and development yield numerous benefits for requirements management, ensuring a seamless transition. Our clients have the option of choosing from a selection of trusted partners, or we can collaborate with an existing design office of their preference.


The usability of medical devices is crucial to the success of the product. In order to develop the best possible solution to meet your requirements, we work together with usability experts who test and optimize the handling and user-friendliness of the development results. This enables us to guarantee you user-centered development across the entire product development process.

Electronics, hardware and software

Thanks to our in-house electronics department, which focuses on software and hardware development as well as electronic components in device development, we can offer our customers excellent expertise and extensive know-how. Our network of partners supports us in the areas of board layout and board assembly, in addition to comprehensive electronic engineering.


Throughout the entire product development process, we focus on the start of series production. With the help of our network of suppliers, international production companies and component manufacturers, we can always guarantee punctual delivery. You benefit from our leading market position and expertise in producing your components quickly and efficiently. This also includes the first small series of up to 200 products.