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Fast and quantitative results

The new, smaller and faster Unyvero A30 RQ is a mid-plex system designed to provide rapid quantitative results for a select host of critical targets. The Unyvero A30 RQ uses specialized cartridges that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. The Unyvero A30 RQ can be integrated into the existing Unyvero A50 system or can be run as a standalone device.

Key features of the Unyvero A30 RQ solution:

  • Fast result time in 45-90 minutes
  • Mid-plex with 5-30 analytes
  • Easy operation within 2-5 minutes
  • Small footprint
  • Sensitive and quantitative real-time PCR technology
  • Processes all difficult native samples using the Unyvero lyser

Development services of DMTpe

  • Consultation workshops through to the creation of the requirements and functional specifications
  • Product definition and concept phase
  • Project coordination
  • Mechanical design, procurement and set-up of an ID mock-up
  • Coordination of the industrial design (ID) for manufacturability, parts separation and installation space analysis
  • Implementation of various sub-areas in electronics development and close coordination with external electronics partners
  • Development of firmware and device control
  • Development and production-oriented mechanical design of the mechanical assemblies and the housing
  • Procurement and construction of prototypes in the individual development phases
  • Carrying out mechanical and electronic function tests

"In our project with DMT Product Development, it quickly became clear that the chemistry in the collaboration was right. Structured and transparent in project management, professional and proactive in product development, a lot of progress is generated with little frictional heat at the same time."

Wolfgang Maurer
Director Engineering, Curetis GmbH


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