Requirements Engineering

lays the foundation for successful product engineering

In the area of requirements engineering, we are able to effectively collect, evaluate and prioritize your application-specific, technical and economic requirements. In this process, we use various methods such as QFD (Quality Function Deployment), the House of Quality or the morphological box.


We also offer workshops as part of our comprehensive range of services, in which we moderate the entire requirements engineering process. These workshops are designed to develop a market-driven product for you and ensure smooth product engineering.

Our team

Our team consists of experienced engineers who have in-depth knowledge and understanding in this field. Together with our sales department and highly experienced team leaders, we are committed to meeting all of our customers' individual requirements.

Our aim is to accelerate the product definition process and increase the resulting quality. As unbiased moderators, we take on the role of mediator in the requirements workshops and draw on our many years of expertise. This enables us to ensure that your requirements are precisely documented and understood. It does not matter whether requirements already exist or not. We review them critically and, if necessary, develop the necessary specifications together with our customers. We also offer comprehensive services such as market analyses, for example to identify OEM partners or create a benchmark.


Point of Contact

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