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The CARL System was developed to help more people survive cardiac arrest and improve neurological recovery afterwards. The technological features of the CARL System components are based on the requirements of CARL Therapy, a novel therapeutic approach to resuscitation that focuses on controlled, targeted and personalized whole-body reperfusion. Source: Resuscitec GmbH

The new treatment method concerns sudden cardiac arrest, which can only be treated to a very limited extent, even under optimal conditions. The survival rate in hospital is around 20%. And outside a hospital, only 3 to 8 % of all patients survive an acute cardiovascular arrest. In addition, the few patients who leave hospital often suffer from severe and persistent brain damage.

CARL therapy relies on the controlled restoration of blood flow through reperfusion. The former Medical Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Freiburg University Medical Center and his team of researchers have discovered that it is possible to revive a person even after a prolonged cardiac arrest without significant consequential damage. Source: Resuscitec GmbH

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  • Perfusion system with powerful, automated dual pump control to generate a high pulsatile blood flow
  • Comprehensive measurement sensor system with venous and arterial online blood gas analysis and connectable fiber optic catheter for invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Preconfigured, compact perfusion set for quick and easy commissioning of the system
  • Device bridge with integrated locking mechanism for the CARL controller
  • Multifunctional equipment trolley for fast and efficient transportation of the complete CARL system within the clinic
  • Mobile hypothermia device for rapid therapeutic cooling as part of extracorporeal circulation
  • With CARL.Cooler Δ 4 °C cooling capacity within a few minutes
  • Source: Resuscitec GmbH

Development services of DMTpe

  • Project coordination and support
  • Consulting workshops through to the creation of the requirements and functional specifications
  • Product definition and concept phase
  • Mechanical design, procurement and construction of an ID mock-up
  • Development and production-oriented mechanical design of the mechanical assemblies and housing
  • Development of a disposable (e.g. easy to dispose of, low-cost materials)
  • Development of a basic device for a novel therapeutic approach to resuscitation that focuses on controlled, targeted and personalized reperfusion of the whole body
  • Development of safe mechanical interlocks due to special approval requirements
  • Advice on electronic peripherals (e.g. electronic connectivity, etc.)
  • Support with hardware selection (e.g. display, operating components, etc.)
  • Integration of the E-PAC system
  • Procurement and construction of prototypes in the individual development phases
  • Simulation analyses (e.g. thermal management, device statics & stability)
  • Optimization of assembly options and serviceability
  • Design, realization and implementation of special materials (e.g. carbon, printed metal parts, etc.)

"DMT was and is an important and highly valued partner for us, especially in the initial development phase of CARL technology. We look forward to continuing our good cooperation."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Benk
CTO, Resuscitec GmbH


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