Mechanical Engineering

At DMTpe, we specialize in high-quality mechanical development and mechanical design. Our focus is on system integration and the development of complex sheet metal and injection molding designs. You benefit from our extensive experience in the development of medical instruments, application and accessory parts as well as kinematic and robotic systems for versatile tasks such as sample handling, dosing and pipetting.


Successfully implemented projects

Our team uses CAD software such as Solid Works, Creo Elements and Creo Direct Modeler, Siemens NX and Inventor to create precise and innovative mechanical designs. Simulation techniques such as the Finite Element Method (FEM) are also used to carry out thermal, mechanical and fluidic analyses for you. In addition, we carry out tolerance analyses to ensure that your mechanical designs meet the necessary requirements.


Motivated engineers

Market launch and quality standards

We understand the importance of an efficient market launch only too well. That's why we work closely with you to optimize joint project processes and shorten development time. The experts in the DMTpe team also ensure that your requirements are implemented precisely and that your products meet the highest quality standards.

At DMTpe, our focus is on mechanical engineering, so we have extensive experience and a broad command of this field. It is our daily business to develop high-quality mechanical solutions and meet your requirements. Our team consists of over 45 dedicated engineers who bring their expertise and experience to every project. We are proud of our achievements and invite you to discover our success stories on our website. There you will find examples of outstanding projects that we have successfully implemented.

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