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We specialize in offering you tailor-made services and solutions to develop your products in a targeted manner and bring them successfully to market. The key to success lies in the development of innovative products and the ability to realize a new or modified product on time and at the defined costs.


NPI process at DMT

Our NPI approach is designed to accompany you from the idea to the series launch, always keeping your requirements and goals in focus. NPI stands for New Product Introduction and begins in the industrial design and concept development phase, where more than 50% of the subsequent manufacturing costs are determined. In the NPI process, DFx (Design for Excellence) measures are used to develop a cost-optimized prototype throughout the entire product development process. This can be seamlessly transferred to series production, enabling you as our customer to enter the market more quickly. The NPI accompanies your product development process through all phases and thus ensures a high degree of process maturity and cost transparency with short implementation times in the suitable target processes . At DMT, we understand that the NPI should be seen as an integral part of development and therefore include the process in our joint collaboration right from the start. This enables us to achieve an efficient design transfer of your product into series production and prevent unforeseen quality problems, costs and adjustment loops. This saves you valuable time and resources and drastically reduces the time to market .

Target-oriented and dependable

Compliance with your requirements

As a pure engineering partner, we can tailor the materials, tools and subsequent manufacturing processes to your individual requirements and select the costs, time, quality and output quantity to suit your demands. We do not have to utilize our own production capacity, but can instead find a suitable supplier for series production. It goes without saying that meeting your requirements for the product to be manufactured is our top priority. An important part of this is the selection of suitable materials.  We will gladly advise you in detail on the use of thermoplastics, elastomers, foams and metals with regard to their possible uses and application limits.

Expertise in material selection



Foams (EPP, PS, PU)


Special materials

Individual requests

NPI and industrialization -

DMTpe's range of expertise

  • Quality standard according to DIN EN ISO 13485
  • DFx
  • FEM simulations
  • Tolerance analysis with SimTol
  • Filling simulation with Solid-Works-Plastics
  • Advice from experienced process engineers
  • Customized solutions
  • Cost analysis and quality optimization
  • Process optimization and increased efficiency
  • Analysis, evaluation and selection of series suppliers
  • Product conception and planning
  • Production-oriented design
  • Tool-based manufacturing technologies
  • Definition of supply chain management
  • Coordination of industrialization processes
  • Responsibility for design transfer processes

DMTpe supports you from product engineering through industrialization to the start of series production. In the field of automation, it is within our capabilities to develop and implement complete production lines for you. We understand that automation does not necessarily have to end in a pure automation line, but can also be used to support small-scale manual assembly.



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