Electronic Engineering

At DMTpe, we develop complex solutions and individual components for the electronics of your medical devices. We undertake the complete development in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and offer you a first-class quality standard.

In-house electronics department

Our in-house electronics department sets us apart from our competitors and offers you comprehensive expertise in product engineering. Your benefits include short paths between mechanical and electronic development, a specialist understanding with years of experience and highly trained engineers. We are very familiar with the important medical device development standards (ISO 14971, IEC 60601-1) and can advise you on these in detail.

Core tasks in electronic engineering

The concept development and realization of complex systems is our passion. A complete list of requirements forms the basis for our successful development work for you. On this basis, we create technical concepts that meet both your requirements and the corresponding market needs. Feasibility studies, market trends and the analysis of technical specifications are important aspects of this.

Our core tasks consist of recording your requirements, deriving suitable architectures, implementing an optimal design of electronic circuits and the PCB layout as well as the final verification of the requirements. Important requirement engineering and system engineering techniques are used here. We ensure the quality standard throughout the entire development process by carrying out tests during production. On request, we can also perform the complete industrialization for you.


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