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The new, patented imaging process is based on electromagnetic tomography.

New imaging methods in medical technology offer the possibility of monitoring the condition of the human brain in 4D. The new, patented imaging method is based on electromagnetic tomography. A special feature of the procedure is that both the anatomical structure and the functional properties of the human brain can be visualized.

The method is completely safe for the patient, allowing multiple scans to be carried out throughout the entire rescue chain, from the ambulance to the hospital bed in the clinic. This allows the doctor to initiate treatment at an earlier stage. The diagnostic unit can remain with the patient during treatment so that the doctor can monitor the condition of the brain using the 4D images. Another advantage is the mobile function of the new BRIMG4, which allows the device to be used on the patient's premises.

Development services of DMTpe

  • Complete mechanical product engineering using core technology with concept creation for mechanics, cooling, assembly and statics.
  • Mechanical design with component selection and procurement
  • Organization of the approval test for later use in the clinic

"DMTpe is the right development partner for us. Even after the first requirements workshop, it was obvious that DMTpe is very strong in the area of project management and product development. This impression was confirmed throughout the entire project."

Dr. Tommy Henriksson
Senior R&D Engineer, EMTensor GmbH


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