Discover the advantages of DMT series services!

Individual variety instead of mass production - that is our motto and the perfect choice for you! To ensure customer-oriented development and a fast market launch, we also focus on the start of series production of your products. We give you the opportunity to plan and carry out the start of series production together with us during the industrialization phase. We take over the assembly of the first products, create specifications, assembly instructions and develop functional tests.


Our series activities at a glance

Ramp production

During ramp production, we work hand in hand with development, series production and quality management. This has the great advantage of minimizing risks in production and guaranteeing a fast time-to-market. In order to offer our customers the best possible quality, we follow our standardized process and present validated series processes for individual components as well as the overall product as a result


We take care of the entire ordering process, shipping and customs clearance, quality inspection, finishing and partial assembly of articles and components as well as the provision of the inspected goods on the desired date.

Quality management

We, DMTpe, are a DIN EN ISO 13485-certified engineering partner and offer our customers end-to-end product development, production and quality management processes.

Highest standards

A special focus is placed on precision and accuracy to ensure that every single product meets the requirements and expectations of our customers. Thanks to our efficient processes and optimized logistics, you benefit from flexible delivery times. We are able to meet your requirements and guarantee reliable and punctual delivery, both for series production start-ups and for regular repeat orders.


Our competences

  • Focus on series start-up and fast time-to-market
  • Ensuring the ramp-up phase until series production quantities are achieved
  • Initial delivery of tool parts
  • Assembly of modules and complete products
  • Complete quality assurance
  • Provision of logistics processes

Your advantages with DMTpe

Short paths to development

The short paths to development are a decisive factor in being able to react quickly to adjustments and guarantee the best possible service for our customers. In addition, DMT employees are experts in their field and can support each other in any situation.


Through our many years of work and our market know-how, we have built up a network of parts suppliers in order to be able to deliver the right solution at the best conditions as quickly as possible. We are also able to find the right supplier for small quantities. With our market knowledge and a vast network of partners, we can also help you lower costs. 


DMTpe takes care of all parts logistics documentation for our customers. We create schedules, contracts, calculations and offer supplier selection to ensure that our customers receive the parts on time and with verified quality.


Point of Contact

For project requests, please contact our sales team:

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