Breathing gas analysis device


With the breath gas analyzer, which is based on chromatography (High Performance Liquid Chromatography, HPLC), DMTpe has created a revolutionary solution for the rapid analysis of breath gas samples. It can be used to quickly detect substances expelled with the breath that provide information about a patient's state of health as biomarkers. The main focus is on using the device to identify critical data points and enable particularly efficient, personalized medicine. The revelar score evaluates the oxidative stress in the exhaled air and describes the patient's state of health directly. Another article about the revelar respiratory gas analyzer and the E-PAC system used can be found on the website of the magazine "Medizin und Technik".


To the article about the revelar respiratory gas analyzer

  • Previously: Measurement of oxidative stress using blood tests and expensive laboratory equipment
  • Measurement of biomarkers in breath
  • Device measures the concentration of aldehydes C4 -C10 (0.1-40 ppb) - oxidative stress
  • Used for health monitoring and early detection of diseases
  • Technical basis is a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method.
  • Objective: An easy-to-use, non-invasive and cost-effective point-of-care product

Development services of DMTpe

  • Conception of the fluidics and development of the main components
  • Component integration and complete mechanical development
  • Electronics HW/SW development (firmware)
  • Procurement, assembly and testing of all prototype generations
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Tooling implementation of the E-PAC and plastic injection molded parts
  • Definition of the supply chain and delivery of the first series devices
  • Responsibility for the design transfer process


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